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Our frequently asked questions cover queries we get about general operations as well as Water & Electricity

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Customers are required to submit two (2) forms of valid picture identification, e.g. a passport or a driver’s license

  • Customers are also required to pay a refundable security deposit

For a detailed guide on applying for a new supply, click here

  • Customers may request a change of Name / Address via electronic or regular mail, telephone
  • Or by completing the ‘Change of Customer’  form at the Main Office.

To learn more about the process, click here

Yes, the company can re-bill you account if there has been an error with your bill or you did not receive a bill.

The company may estimate your bills if:

  • Actual meter readings cannot be obtained due to dogs or gates being closed. 
  • Any other reasons that cause inaccessibility of the meter.

MUL may authorize the disconnection of a customer’s electric or water service after proper notice is given. Service may be disconnected for:

  • Non-payment of a bill
  • Deferred payment arrangement, or deposit
  • The company may disconnect service in cases of emergencies, meter tampering, or unsafe conditions


  • You should try to make payment arrangements before your bill is due or your service will be disconnected.
  • Kindly contact us by telephone, or use this contact form, to make payment arrangements or request to enter into a deferred payment plan.
  • It is important to keep up with the terms of the payment plan, or you could be disconnected.


No, the company has a standard set of due dates based on the various zones or service locations therefore customers are prohibited from changing their due date.

Currently MUL does not charge customers late fees for electricity or water payments.


Electricity usage is calculated each month via a tier system:

  • Domestic electricity customers have two tiers:  which are only applicable to Domestic customers. 
  • Commercial, industrial and streetlight customers have one tier each. 

Tiers are based on the service, each having a different tariff rate.


If you have a electric meter and your latest bill is higher than normal, don’t panic – there could be a simple explanation. Before you give us a call, please check the following:

#1 – Have you recently bought and started using new electronics? Are you using the ones you have in your home more often than in the past?

#2 – Do you have old electrical appliances in your house?

#3 – Are you keeping a lot of appliances plugged in when they aren’t in use?

#4 – Do you have light bulbs that are not energy efficient?

#5 – Is your house is not properly insulated?

  • When all else fails, call an electrician.

When an electrical circuit malfunctions, it can seek a path to ground outside the established wires of the system, and such a situation is known as a ground fault. It is a dangerous situation, because when such a problem occurs, a human in contact with the wiring may suddenly become part of the easiest pathway to ground.

  • Loose connections
  • Worn wire insulation
  • Mis-wiring that causes the hot (or live) wire to directly connect with another pathway to ground


  • Ground faults cause an enormous, sudden increase in current flow. 
  • When a ground fault causes current to spike in this way, the circuit breaker for circuits should trip and shut off the power.

Flickering lights are indicative of a dangerous electrical issue, such as:

  •  a loose circuit connection
  • overheated wiring 
  • splices coming apart
  • a fried fixture 
  • a failing breaker switch
  • and an overloaded circuit

Call an electrician to look at the issue and have it fixed.



If you have a water meter and your latest bill is higher than normal, don’t panic – there could be a simple explanation. Before you give us a call, please check the following below:

#1 – Are there more people living in your home?

#2 – Do you have any new water-hungry appliances in your home?

#3 – Do you have a leak on your property?

#4 – Have you been using more water in the garden?

During its journey to your taps, the most common cause of discoloration is a change in the flow or pressure within the pipes – for example: as a result of a burst main in your area.

Water may be turned off due to one or more of the following reasons:

  • Disconnection for non-payment.
  • Repair of pipes at your house or apartment
  • Maintenance work in your area

The main reasons for low pressure are: 

  • Burst pipes 
  • Home plumbing problems. 
  • High demand in the morning and the number of people sharing a water supply can all cause low pressure.

In order to conserve water customers must ensure that they fix all leaking faucets and toilets