Our Electricity

Learn more about our electricity services.

The Montserrat Utility Limited is the island’s electricity service provider. Our company is always looking ways to produce electricity in a more efficient and cost-effective way.

How Our Electricity is Generated

The power station generates, transmits, distributes and supplies electricity to domestic, commercial and industrial customers in Montserrat. The main power station consists of four diesel generators with a total rated capacity of approximately 4.5MW. The power station is located in Brades. The power system in Montserrat operates at 60Hz with a primary distribution voltage of 11kV, and a second supply voltage of 400/230 volts.

Understanding Your Electricity Bill

Electricity usage is calculated each month via a tier system. Domestic electricity customers have two tiers which are applicable to only domestic customers. Commercial, Industrial and Streetlight customers each have their own tier. Electricity rates are calculated using these tiers. 

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