About MUL

Our Vision is to be the greenest utility provider in the Caribbean!

We are always striving to improve our processes and how we serve the people of Montserrat. Learn more about the services we provide and about our operations.

Our Mission:

Our History

Montserrat Utilities Limited (MUL) was formed through the merger of the existing electricity (MONLEC) and water (MWA) utility companies. On the completion of this merger, MUL acquired all of the assets, liabilities, duties and privileges of the predecessor organisations and began operating under new legislation (The Utility Act). MUL became an umbrella company for the previous companies, which continues to be responsible for electricity and water in Montserrat.

Our governing Legislature, The Utility Act, can be found here:

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Our Services

Providing Electricity
Providing Water
Sewage System Maintenance
Fault Correction

Interested in working with us?

Interesting and fulfilling careers opportunities can be found at MUL. Here you will work as part of our dedicated, knowledgeable and hard-working team to provide excellent service and support to the people of Montserrat.