Procedure For Change of Name/ Address

Customers may request a change of Name / Address via electronic or regular mail,  telephone, or by completing the ‘Change of Customer Form’ at the Main Office.

Click here to download the Changes of Consumer Account Form:

or Click here to fill out the form online:

Completed forms can be emailed to MUL at or handed in at the office.

1. Request for change can arise from the following reasons:

  • Change of usual place of residence, e.g Customer moving abroad or returning on
    island for an extended period
  • Where the mailing address is not of the current customer in whose name the account
    is held
  • Where there is a change in the marital status of the customer

2. Request must be made by the customer whose name the account is held, or from a duly authorized agent. E.g. A Realtor

3. Customer should provide proof of the reason for the change in such circumstances to include: change in marital status, or where the current customer acquires a property previously owned by another customer.