I hereby make applications to hire the equipment described hereunder, and agree that I shall be responsible
for the equipment during the entire period of hire.
Where the equipment is operated by MUL staff, I undertake to give the necessary instructions but note that
the operator may refuse to do anything considered unsafe or detrimental to the equipment.
I accept that the equipment maybe required by the Company for its own work and such work has priority
over contracted service. Thus no guarantee of availability of equipment is given by the Utility nor does it
accept any liability for failure to provide the equipment at the appointed time.
Rental of equipment will not be less than two hours (2hrs) Minimum.

I hereby agree to these changes and make payment in advance for the hours/days requested. Should
additional hours/days be required, I undertake to pay immediately otherwise the Operator may leave the
site. Should the equipment not be returned immediately upon completion the paid for period, I accept that I
may be charged at double the rates the overdue period.

NOTE: Payment must be made in advance before the equipment leave the Utility’s compound