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Bried History

Montserrat water was established on April 1st, 1972 under the Ministry of Communications and Works. It was later merged with Montserrat Electricity Services under the Montserrat Utilities Ltd. umbrella which functions as a semi-autonomous statutory body with responsibilities for the island's water resources. MUL Water Authority is mandated to generate sufficient revenue to meet its recurrent budget.Capital funding is provided primarily by Aid Agencies through the Government of Montserrat.


Existing Water Supply

The existing water supply is obtained from six (6) surface springs originating deep within the lush green mountains. Approximately 700000 imperial gallons of water is produced daily and distributed throughout the water system. The water is collected at the source and piped to reservoirs or storage tanks across the island and chlorinated against harmful bacteria before distribution to customers.


MUL - Water Authority is fortunate to be in a position to meet the demand for water islandwide. This is due to the emphasis placed on the development of the water resources by Government over the years. Major water development projects were implimented between the period 1972 and 1975 by the Canadian Development Agency CIDA, 1987 to 1988 by the European Development Fund, EDF, 1990 to present by the United Kingdom Government. 


The water supply is utilized as follows:

Domestic Use = 74%

Commercial Use = 24%

Standpipes = 2%


Domestic Supply is used by households and commercial is used by hotels, business houses, construction sites, industrial and agricultural purposes. Water supplied to public standpipes should be used mainly for domestic purposes. 


All water connections are metered. Ninety-eight percent of meters are read on a monthly basis.