Montserrat Utilities Services (MUL) Online Bill View User Terms and Conditions

MUL Online Bill View is a service provided by Montserrat Utilities Limited Customers Service Department. If you want to use this service, you will need to enter into an agreement with MUL. Some of the User Terms and Conditions relate to your relationship and can be found in our Privacy Policy, Legal Notices and Acceptance Use Policy document on the website.




These terms constitute the agreement between you and MUL, which govern the supply of the MUL Online Bill View service to you and set out the basis of your legal relationship with MUL.


You acknowledge that MUL Online View is a service provided by MUL for the MUL Customer Service Department.




When used in these terms, the following words have the meaning given below:


“MUL” means Monserrat Utilities Limited


“Consumer” means a customer of MUL.

“Business Day” means any day except Saturday, Sunday or any nationally declared public holiday.

"Our website" means the Internet website operated by us for the purpose of providing the MUL Online Bill View Service.

“Call Centre" means a call centre that is provided by MUL to deal with your questions and problems in relation to the MUL Online Bill View service.


"Montserrat Public Holiday" means any day declared by the Government of Montserrat to be a holiday for some or all of its employees, contractors or agents.



You may use the MUL Online Bill View service to check bills by accessing information from our website at URL

You agree that it is your responsibility, not ours, to view all bills in a timely manner.

You are responsible for entering all bill information requested, when viewing your bill, correctly. If this information is incorrect, it may result in you not being able to access the bill. In the event you continue to experience problems, please contact the Bill View Customer Service Department for assistance.

You agree that all information you provide to us to use MUL’s Online Bill View service is correct to the best of your knowledge at the time you supplied it.



We will not charge late fees for your water and electric accounts, but a late fee will be charged to customers who owe water maintenance charges/vacant lot accounts which are billed annually.


The MUL online bill view service may be accessed through the website at URL We will use reasonable efforts to provide access to the MUL Online Bill View service 24 hours each day, 7 days per week. We will not be liable to you for interruptions to the MUL Online Bill View service. We will use reasonable efforts to publicise a disruption to the MUL Online Bill View service, if we become aware of a planned disruption.

You must follow the instructions on how to access and use the MUL Online Bill View service on the website at URL or as otherwise advised by us from time to time.


Notwithstanding our efforts to ensure that the MUL Online Bill View system is secure, you acknowledge that all electronic data transactions are potentially susceptible to interception by others. We cannot, and do not, warrant that data transactions utilising the MUL Online Bill View service, or electronic mail transmitted to and from us, will not be monitored or read by others.

We may issue instructions from time to time intended to ensure the security of the MUL Online Bill View service. You agree to comply with those instructions.



MUL expressly disclaims all conditions and warranties, expressed or implied, in respect to the provision of the MUL Online Bill View service to you and your use of the MUL Online Bill View service (including but not limited to any warranty that the MUL Online Bill View service will operate without errors or that it will be operational and available at all times).


You agree that you:

Will supply us, upon request, with all information we reasonably require in order to enable us to provide the MUL Online Bill View service to you.

You are responsible for keeping your logging credentials secure at all times and that MUL will not be held liable for the breach in this responsibility.

You must own the master account for which you are applying for on the MUL online website in order to gain access.




These terms remain in effect until your use of the MUL online bill view service is terminated by us.


We may terminate or suspend performance of these terms or the MUL Online Bill View service, or your use of the MUL Online Bill View service, for any reason at any time. We may attempt to notify you in advance, but we are not obliged to do so.


Termination of your use of, or participation in the MUL Online Bill View service, will not relieve you of any responsibility to pay outstanding fees or charges or other liabilities incurred prior to the date of termination. After termination, you can at any time reapply for the service bearing in mind that you may be rejected if the information does not fit the criteria.




Assignment: You are not permitted without our prior written consent to assign or transfer any of your rights, duties or obligations under these terms. MUL may assign its obligations under these terms to any related or successor corporation to MUL Online Bill View. MUL may also assign or subcontract certain of our rights or responsibilities to independent contractors or other third parties at our discretion.


Waiver: We shall not be deemed to have waived any of our rights or remedies under these terms unless such a waiver is in writing and signed by one of our authorised officers. No delay or omission on our part in exercising any rights or remedies shall operate as a waiver of such rights or remedies.


Entire Agreement: These terms constitute the entire agreement and understanding between you and us and supersedes any and all prior communications, representations, agreements or understandings between you and us with respect to the subject matter of these terms. The information and statements contained elsewhere in our website do not form part of these terms and have not been relied upon by you.

Changes to Terms: We may change these terms at any time. We will notify you of these changes by making a notice available on our website. By using the MUL Online Bill View service after the effective date of change, you confirm your agreement to the change. If you wish to do so, after being notified of a change to these terms, you may terminate your use of the MUL Online Bill View service at any time.