About MUL

Montserrat Utilities Ltd was formed through the merger of the existing electricity (Monlec) and water (MWA) utilities.  On completion of the merger process, MUL acquired all the assets, liabilities, duties and privileges of the predecessor organisations, and began operation under new legislation (the Utility Act).

MUL therefore became an umbrella company for the predecessor organizations, Montserrat Electricity Services Ltd. and Montserrat Water Authority, which continue to be responsible for electricity and water on Montserrat. 


Montserrat Electricity Services Ltd:


Monlec generates, transmits, distributes and supplies electricity to domestic, commercial, and industrial customers on Montserrat. The main power station consists of four diesel generators with a total rated capacity of approximately 4.5MW, and is located at Brades. The power system in Montserrat operates at 60 Hz, with a primary distribution voltage of 11 kV and a secondary supply voltage of 400/230 volts.


Montserrat Water Authority:


MWA takes water from springs high in the mountains, treats it lightly, and then stores and distributes it to customers through its network of pipes and reservoirs. It has also recently taken on responsibility for sewerage treatment in some areas, notably Lookout and Davy Hill.





MUL Side Note